Gary Dahl's Original 1970's Pet Rock
​The Pet Rock Family has grown since the 70's when Gary Dahl
​introduced the original Pet Rock silliest gag gift.

Take a look
Remember we are the perfect gift
 * No Feeding
 * No Whining
 * No Bathing​
 * No Messing 
 * No Funerals
 * No Odors
 * No Vet Bills​
 * No Allergies
 You can take us everywhere, we bring good luck and make for a great conversation piece.
"You Rock" Pet Rock with walking leash ,book and hay. Let someone know how much they ROCK!

Gary Dahl's Original Kraft Pet Rock with walking leash, book and hay.

Rock & Roll Pet Rock with walking leash,book and hay."This rock
​loves to be rolled"(on box)

The Pet Golf Ball with walking leash, book and hay.

Brother and Sister Kit with 2 walking leashes, 2 books , 2 rocks and hay,

Gay Pride Pet Rock with ​walking leash, book and ​hay. $13.50 free shipping

Jesus Meditation Rock with 
walking leash, book and
hay.Ghost of Jesus eye illusion.

Bride and Groom 2 Pet Rocks with walking leash,book and ​hay. Can go to Etsy and purchase this one.

​Pink Pet Rock with walking
leash, book and ​hay.  


Happy Birthday Pet Rock with
​walking leash , book and

 10 Mini Pet Rock kits,
 ​book and​ hay kit.

"I even come with a walking leash"
Make money become a wholesaler.
Marijuana Pet Rock
with hemp walking leash​
"Contains one stoned pet"

10 Mini You Rock Pet Rocks ​book and hay kit.

"Christmas Pet Rock" 
with ​walking leash,
​book and hay.​

Red Neck Pet Rock
with ​walking leash,
book and hay.

Albino Pet rock 
with walking leash,
​book and hay​ 

THE PET ROCK IS AVAILABLE ON ETSY.COM  our site here is under construction